Dream Catchers: If you couldn’t make it out to the dream catcher workshop, here is a quick guide to make one on your own! If you’d like to share a picture of your dream catcher please do so in the comments or on our Facebook page!


Start you dream catcher with a ring. I used plastic plates with the centers cut out (this was a bit brittle, and I had to reinforce with tape) I also tried an embroidery ring and that worked much better!


I used jute to cover the ring, but you could used yarn, ribbon or fabric.


I used embroidery thread to form the web and added a bead. I also ripped stripes of fabric to add to the bottom, along with ribbons. I went on YouTube and found a video that helped me make the web.


Next, I drew some feather shapes and used a light color to scribble a few of my dreams in them.


Before cutting out the feathers, I added decoration over the writing.

20151010_151301 (1)

The finished produce!



20151010_151132 (1)


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