Word of the Year

For our March workshop we completed a journal page for the word of the year.  When starting with a blank page, just begin writing about the things you would like to bring into your life for the next year.  If you haven’t picked a word, sometimes it will show up during this process. Next use a white gesso to lightly cover the writing and begin adding paint and marks to building-up your background.  Use images and quotes to go along with your word.  Below, are two examples of a “word of the year” spread, one goes through the process in a little more detail.  Enjoy!

A take on the word: Action



Below is an example of the process described above for the word; Trust.

Do some writing to find your word or express what you want to do with your word for the next year.  Use something water-soluble and write loose and illegibly to create a nice texture. Once you are finished writing put a light coat of gesso over it then begin build-up your background using color and marks. Finally create a focal point and do more journaling or use a quote to finish your spread.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below are some close-ups of the yummy texture achieved in the above spread!



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