Riddle Quest, Art Journaling, Affirmation Stones and Our 1 Year Anniversary!!!


The Founders Celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary!!

Hello creative friends! The last few months have flown by, but we have been having fun with our workshops. We are lucky to have started a wonderful partnership with, Lancaster Creative Reuse, this year.  They have a great classroom where we can hold our workshops, and it has been really great working with them! In April, we held our very first art journaling workshop. We also attended Riddle Quest in downtown Lancaster and met so many great people who left inspiring and kind messages on recycled art to share with the community. Our second workshop in the classroom was painting affirmations stones and last month we celebrated our 1 year anniversary at Long’s Park!! So much beautiful art has been made, and we have had a wonderful time sharing our group with the community and providing a place for people to have fun and express themselves through art making. We thank each and every person who has come out to our events, donated and supported us in any way. Please keep checking our Facebook page for upcoming workshops, journal prompts and inspiration.


Art Journaling, Intention Setting and Word of the Year

Hey Creative Friends!  We took a bit of a break over the holidays, and then our January event took place at, Aeri Behavioral Health.  We created beautiful boxes to hold our dreams, gratitudes, and treasures.  It was such a great opportunity to connect and learn about ourselves and the process of creativity. This month we will be starting something new, and we wanted to share our ideas with you ahead of time.  We are still working on the details, but we know we want to start art journaling year.  What we are planning on doing is having everyone bring a journal and this month we will decorate the cover and work with a writing prompt.  Periodically, throughout the year we will gather to add more to our journals.   On the months we do not work in our journal, we will offer a prompt on our website and Facebook page. That way you can keep adding to your journal.  On the months we do meet for art journaling everyone will have an opportunity to share what they have been working on. Also, if you will be joining us and want to know what type of journal to purchase, we recommend looking for a mixed media art journal.  If you don’t want to work in a journal, any heavy watercolor paper (no less than 140 lb) will work just fine. We are pretty excited, and hope you will join us!

I also wanted to write a little bit about intention setting and choosing a word or phrase of the year.  I discovered this just a few years ago and it really resonated with me.  Like I shared in my last post, you just set an intention for whatever you want to bring about in your life.  It’s not as heavy as setting resolutions.  I will give you an example.  A big resolution for many people is losing weight.  A great way to set an intention about that is to say, I intent to support my body with delicious whole foods and regular movement.  See, the pressure is off!  Just changing your language and being a little more loving to yourself can make a big difference.  The idea of adopting a word for the year is really great, too.  Just think about the tone you want to set for the coming year.  What do you need? Balance? Peace?  Joy? Just think about it for a bit, and whatever word or words come to you are usually right on point.  You can also google “word of the year” and you will find different suggestions about how to find your word/words.  I have two words this year:  open and possibilities.  I hope you found this interesting, and if you decide to pick a word or set some intentions, feel free to share them in the comment section.  Until next time, stay creative!

Reflecting Joy and Holiday Wishes

” And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years”.       -Abraham Lincoln

It is a perfect time of year to look back and reflect and to look forward to possibilities of the coming year.  I think quite often we look back and think about the failed resolutions and all the this-and-that we did not accomplish (Sometimes what went wrong just overshadows the good, too).  Then we look on the New Year with hefty resolutions that end up making us feel bad about ourselves within a few short months. It’s time to stop this madness!  At our last event we tried to do just that when some of us looked back at what when right this past year.  For me personally it felt so good to stop and celebrate the good.  We decorated boxes to put our memories, dreams, or positive quotes in.  I wrote a letter of thanks and celebration to 2014 to keep in my box. “Reflecting Joy” was a nice event where we met new people and had a nice opportunity to share about our creations.  One thing that came out during our discussion that really struck me was that there are so many small things that happen during the year that we probably can’t remember.  I think it would be a great idea to write those things down on small pieces of paper and tuck them in our boxes so we can look back to them at the end of next year.  As far as looking toward the New Year, resolutions  don’t work for me. I have come to make intentions. They are a kinder, gentler way to resolve to add and subtract things from your life. I have also embraced the idea of picking a word for the year.  This past year my word was persistence and balance (ok, I picked two!)  I will probably share more about all of this in my next post, though.  We have not set our next event yet, but I am pretty sure it will be about making intentions and possibly picking a word for the year.   As of now we are taking a much deserves break for the holidays, but we had so much fun these past six months.  We are so grateful for all of you who have supported us, and we look forward to more creative gatherings in the coming year!  To all of our creative friends, we send many blessings and wishes for a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!

Expressing Gratitude Through Creativity

Tis’ the season to give, be grateful, and most importantly BE CREATIVE. That’s exactly what we did last evening at Tellus360. Creative Minds was lucky enough to host a creative activity during the Extraordinary Give.

We provided an abundance of colorful writing utensils and card-stock and had everyone creatively express something that they were grateful for. Some people drew a picture of what they were grateful for and some wrote a word. We had everyone share their pieces in front of a white backdrop while we snapped a photo. This was a simple and fun activity for all ages to participate in.

We had a great time connecting with everyone in the community and meeting all of the other organizations out there. The live music was phenomenal too! It’s always a fun filled time in Lancaster City and we can’t wait to get back out there for our next event on December 7th! Check out the details and sign up here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/reflecting-joy-tickets-14521778029?aff=eorg

Stay creative!

Community Paint


IMG_5024      IMG_4977

Our last event took place at Tellus360, in Lancaster, PA. We had a community painting where people painted around the theme of, “Living in Lancaster City”.  We also had smaller boards for expression of any kind. Very beautiful paintings were created as you can see from the above photographs.  To provide a fun and inspiring musical backdrop; several musicians and bands played for us.  We would like to thank:  B-roll, Andy papasergi, analog watts, criss cross albatross, wonder pineapple, and movies for sharing your talent with us during this event.  We enjoyed meeting and painting with everyone in attendance. 

Espressoing Ourselves in the Park


Today was spent in a nice little park in the middle of Lancaster, PA.   Eastside Markets hosts an art market once a month in Musser Park, and we highly recommend checking it out!  It was a lovely day, surrounded by a relaxed, fun spirit and creative people.  We were there to promote our group and run a creative activity.  The activity was called, “Espresso Yourself”.  We invited people to express themselves using tea, coffee and cappuccino to paint with.  For many people these warm beverages are comforting (especially when the weather turns cooler!), so some of us chose to paint around the theme of comfort.

To create my piece, I ruminated on the word comfort. This led to a bit of writing about what brings me comfort; warm spiced tea was on my list, but then it moved beyond that to warm sand on my toes, and tree canopies.  It was nice to reflect on all the things that bring me comfort and to be reminded how small and simple things can bring such joy.

As always, we had several different interpretations on this activity. This is what we are all about! We want to offer a warm and inviting place to allow people to just be who they are and express themselves through the materials set before them.  We ended up with some really beautiful pieces!

We are so thankful to all who stopped by our table and joined in our activity today! We met some great people, and created some great art! Who could ask for anything more?

Being Playful With Pop Art

cans 2

Today is my day to dance lightly with life, sing wild songs of adventure, invite rainbows & butterflies out to play, soar my spirit, and unfurl my joy. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Being a grown-up can be tough.  Dealing with our daily responsibilities and the many stressors in life can become overwhelming.  Sometimes we forget to let down our guard and just play!  Watch a child play or create and it is amazing to witness the complete abandon at which they do so.  Even though it may be hard for us adults to let go like a child, we can nurture our playful sides through laughter and creativity!  Creative Minds wanted to bring this opportunity to our community with our latest event, “Pop Art”.

On Sunday, we co-hosted this event at with, Gina, at Half Nuts Popcorn Company, in Wrightsville, PA.  To help bring out and celebrate the child within, guests used popcorn mixed with paint to create a work of art on squares of burlap, generously donated by one of are advisory members, Eryn Kennedy.  Everyone did something unique and beautiful.  Some incorporated natural elements like twigs and grass, while others wrote a word across their piece that expressed how they felt.  I read the words, love, trust, and feed your soul, among others.  I am continual amazed by the beautiful expression that comes out of people during our events.  Our wonderful host, Gina, was amazing and a huge help! She provided flavored popcorn treats and lemonade for our participants, as well as the space to hold the event.  If you live in the area, stop by and try some of her delicious popcorn.  She has many unique flavors. You can also order from their website at; www.halfnutspopcorn.com.  My personal recommendations are pumpkin and vanilla.  The vanilla tastes like Rice Krispy treats!

Creative Minds, holds FREE monthly events to aid in expression and self-discovery.   Please visit: www.gofundme.com/thecreativeminds to make a donation to help us grow and continue to bring these great events to our community.  Every little bit helps!  Thank you for supporting, Creative Minds!