Deanna Massengale, has being making art since childhood. She loves getting her hands messy and loosing herself in, her favorite,  mixed media. Expressing herself through art has always been an act of self-love and healing. Since 2008 she has been working with the very expressive and healing process of art journaling, taking several online classes on the subject.  In 2015 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a fine art minor.  With a life time of experience under her belt, Deanna, is moved to share what she has learned with others.  Most of all she wants to provide a space for other women to be inspired and express themselves through art.

Deanna, currently lives near Hanover and works in the mental health field. She currently maintains this blog and has a desire to facilitate creative expression workshops and art journaling lessons for groups and individuals in the future.  She is also working to add her art here on this site.



 Our very first Creative Minds activity.  Deanna Massengale, Jenny S., Heather Bell, and Molly Jackson. What a beautiful experience with these wonderful ladies!

In the summer of 2014 several like-minded women took a wonderful expressive arts class. They were so inspired by their experience they wanted to start a group of their own to share what they had experienced with the community. Enter the birth of Creative Minds! As a group they had many wonderful experiences together and a year later celebrated their one year anniversary!  Shortly after, two of our amazing founding members moved on to other great endeavors, so Creative Minds moved from Lancaster to the Hanover area. After nearly 3 years of holding workshops in the community, in 2017, Creative Minds will transition to an online blog for creative inspiration.


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